Service for successful decision-making

We are your outsourcing partner and business process service provider. In order to keep your ressources free for handling your core business, MEGALON can offer you professional tools and the infrastructure to outsource your products and services wholly or partly to our systems.

This can involve the dispatch of regular communications, the provision of a service, transaction management, complaints management, customer data maintenance and, of course, CRM measures and all individual tasks relating to products and services.

Efficient process design

In addition, we shall make available a state-of-the-art BI solution to you. You will receive comprehensive transparent data about both your internal and your external business processes. You will be relieved of the burden of having to manage time and cost-intensive processes and support from the latest software will create an ideal working environment for you. And this will obviously produce competitive advantages for you.

Keep control of the sales helm

Not sure about outsourcing? In preparation for any outsourcing we conduct a detailed analysis, concentrating on the specifications of the relevant industry, organisational and technological matters and focusing on results. MEGALON guarantees one hundred per cent transparency. Of course databases and data structures can also be run on your own servers. Take your profit from our possibilities!

Our offering:

  • Setting up IT Infrastructure
  • Process Service Management
  • CRM Solutions (adapted and configured to match your product/service)
  • Transaction Processing
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (Reporting)
  • Online Applications and Portals
  • Customer Management
  • Regular Communications, Invoice Dispatch and Provision of Services
  • Allocation of Payments, Transactions and Billing Accounts
  • Mail Processing (handling cancellations and dunning process, complaints management)
  • Customer Service/Call Centre
  • Processing Mass Transactions 

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